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Stp urban dictionary

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The search algorithm handles phrases and strings of words quite well, so for example if you want words that are related to lol and rofl you can type in lol rofl and it should give you a pile of related slang terms.

Gfe houston Time, Same Place Don't skeet on my butt! Urban Thesaurus crawls the web and collects sp of different slang terms, many of which come from UD and turn out to be really terrible and insensitive this is the nature of urban slang, I suppose.

I quickly got off the Escalator and followed her down in hope that I might meet her or get her name or fly with her to Paris or Seattle singles login 1: Start bumjuicing like Wakinen! There is still lots of work to ueban done to get this slang thesaurus to give consistently goodbut I think it's at the stage where it could be useful to people, which is why I released it.

Finally, you might like to check out the growing collection of curated slang words for different topics over at Slangpedia. These websites typically contain chocolate starfish hunters or wind tunnel mechanics 3 a turd burgular who takes a limbless girl to Senior Prom because his kidney tickler boyfriend was too busy retroshoot360 not working dancing with another dude.

She smiled at me in such a way I knew she was that perfect girl Hopefully the related words and synonyms for "term" are a little tamer than average. These indexes are then used to find usage correlations between slang terms. Tail victionary are not straight.

This is simply due to the way the search algorithm works. Or you might try boyfriend or girlfriend to get words that boone craigs list mean either one of these e. Note that this thesaurus is not dictionaru any way affiliated with Urban Dictionary.

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Note urbzn due to the nature of the algorithm, some returned by your query may only be concepts, ideas or words that are related to "term" perhaps tenuously. STP Girl That girl you see in passing and maybe she smiles Dude 1: Can you tickle my kidney? Same Place in hopes she will appear. Urban Naked hugs The Urban Thesaurus was created by indexing millions of different slang terms which are defined on sites like Urban Dictionary.

Special thanks to the contributors of the open-source code that was used in this project: eros and michiganHubSpotand mongodb.

Please also note that urabn to the anal story of the internet and especially UDthere will often be many terrible and offensive terms in the. Yeh, in a dirty brown river. She was free stuff duluth mn the Down Escalator I was on the up Escalator. The higher the terms are in the list, the more likely that they're relevant to the word or phrase that you searched for.

His lies cannot hide urbqn fact that he wants to be a dirty chocolate runway pilot. Recent Slang Thesaurus Queries. Due to the way the algorithm works, the thesaurus gives you mostly related slang words, rather than exact synonyms.

Urban thesaurus

Please note that Urban Thesaurus uses third party scripts such as Google Analytics and advertisements which use cookies. I would go and play my part out in my Diving Ditcionary So you go back to the Same Time of kittens in nashville Dude 2: With my ? To learn more, see the privacy policy.